Living Life Automatically

The Jetson’s did it. With the push of a button, their doors opened, their hover car started and their dinner was made. For those of you old enough to have watched this 1960’s classic cartoon, we no longer have to imagine what it would be like to control everything in our home with the touch of a button. It’s HERE (with the exception of the ready made meal and the hover car, of course!)

But I wouldn’t put it past the engineers at Remote, a company that sells and installs controls for automation. They’ve come pretty close to the seemingly impossible by designing a system that can control virtually every creature comfort of your home from your tablet or smartphone. This cutting edge company is at the forefront of SmartHome integrated solutions and shared their knowledge with me at a recent seminar.

Slav Adams, Product Manager at Remote, presented the many possibilities for automated homes, and Cameron Albin, Sales Engineer with Lutron Electronics, showed us what to expect for the future. You no longer need to struggle with the notion (while sitting on the tarmac) that your doors are unlocked or your garage is open. One touch, and they will be closed. Not just from the airport, but from anywhere in the world!

They mapped out a system where your home can be programmed to dim the lights, play music, set your alarm, start your fireplace and of course, lock and unlock your doors. This futuristic concept, a home that obeys your every command, is very real. And it doesn’t stop there. Minutes before you arrive home, you can turn on the exterior lighting, close the window shades and adjust the room temperature for optimum relaxation and comfort. I can’t think of anything I’d like more…

Maybe it’s time for you to explore all the possibilities of home automation. Click on the link below  for just a sample of what’s in store if you do!

Good luck! And have fun exploring the world of automation!!!

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