Designing Interiors, Inc. & the Cavalcade Tour of Homes 2017

We are so excited to be a part of another amazing Cavalcade Tour of Homes! This event – the largest home tour in Illinois – brings people together from all over the state to see some of the most innovative new home builds, stunning architectural features and breathtaking interior designs. Our team has been pouring over selections, developing themes, researching trends and creating captivating home designs that will inspire and delight!

Sponsored by the Northern Illinois Home Builder’s Association this tour will span 8 days in September and feature more than 20 brand new homes. Our projects consist of a Coastal Retreat with King’s Court Builders (#7), and two Spec Homes – one with Barriere Construction (#11) and another with L. Martinez Construction (#13).

Our Coastal Retreat has kept us hopping with build selections, as well as all the Interior Designs! The Spec Homes are ‘build-only,’ so we used our experience and creativity to select all the stonework, wood flooring, cabinetry, tiles, fixtures and more!

This year, the Cavalcade is working with ‘Parade Craze’, a downloadable application for your phone, that will make touring a breeze! You can purchase tickets, map out directions and access detailed information on all of the featured homes. Check out ‘Parade Craze’ here!

Oh, and did I mention that 40% of all Cavalcade Ticket Sales will go to the Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans and to Naperville Responds for Veterans? These organizations provide valuable resources such as housing, supportive services, job training and much more for our Vets! I am so proud to partner with these life-changing non-profits, and to be able to give back to our Veterans in any way that we can.

The tour will be open September 7th -17th, 2017:

Thursdays, September 7 and 14, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Fridays, September 8 and 15, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Saturdays, September 9 and 16, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Sundays, September 10 and 17, from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

So, maybe you’re interested in buying a new home or building one? Or you might just want to spend a relaxing Saturday touring beautiful new homes and contributing to a very special cause? Either way, mark your calendars for September 7 -17th for the Cavalcade Tour of Homes 2017!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the work we’ve been doing…



Living Life Automatically

The Jetson’s did it. With the push of a button, their doors opened, their hover car started and their dinner was made. For those of you old enough to have watched this 1960’s classic cartoon, we no longer have to imagine what it would be like to control everything in our home with the touch of a button. It’s HERE (with the exception of the ready made meal and the hover car, of course!)

But I wouldn’t put it past the engineers at Remote, a company that sells and installs controls for automation. They’ve come pretty close to the seemingly impossible by designing a system that can control virtually every creature comfort of your home from your tablet or smartphone. This cutting edge company is at the forefront of SmartHome integrated solutions and shared their knowledge with me at a recent seminar.

Slav Adams, Product Manager at Remote, presented the many possibilities for automated homes, and Cameron Albin, Sales Engineer with Lutron Electronics, showed us what to expect for the future. You no longer need to struggle with the notion (while sitting on the tarmac) that your doors are unlocked or your garage is open. One touch, and they will be closed. Not just from the airport, but from anywhere in the world!

They mapped out a system where your home can be programmed to dim the lights, play music, set your alarm, start your fireplace and of course, lock and unlock your doors. This futuristic concept, a home that obeys your every command, is very real. And it doesn’t stop there. Minutes before you arrive home, you can turn on the exterior lighting, close the window shades and adjust the room temperature for optimum relaxation and comfort. I can’t think of anything I’d like more…

Maybe it’s time for you to explore all the possibilities of home automation. Click on the link below  for just a sample of what’s in store if you do!

Good luck! And have fun exploring the world of automation!!!

Mastering the Master Bedroom

When designing a master bedroom for my clients, I try to create a peaceful retreat. The bedroom should be a place to unwind from the hectic day and be surrounded by all the things you love.  A cozy and beautiful sanctuary is within your reach. Here are some of my foolproof suggestions for the bedroom of your dreams.

Paint color

Choose soothing shades that will help to create a calming effect in the room. Monochromatic schemes work best, especially when you carry a lighter color up to the ceiling! Stay away from bold, bright hues in the bedroom, and consider textured wallpaper for a departure from the usual. I even like the idea of…are you sitting down…wall papering the ceiling! Trust me…it’s a look that can work!

Soothing Color Palete


The scale of the furniture you choose for the bedroom should fit the size of the room. Small furniture in a large room looks as wrong as large furniture in a small room! Space Planning on a piece of paper with a floor plan to scale can help you determine the size of the furniture you’ll want in your bedroom. Remember to keep it simple! All you need is a bed, 2 nightstands, a bench, and a cozy chair.


No Clutter!

Just like the furniture, it’s really important to keep the accessories to a minimum! One or two large-scale items that look beautiful, but don’t overwhelm the space, will help to give the room a clean and sophisticated look. This translates to ‘calm’ which leads to ‘peace’, which allows you to ‘relax’, then to ‘sleep’…oh, I could go on and on!

A Place to Read

I think it’s so important to have another place to sit in the bedroom (other than the bed). A comfortable chair and ottoman or a small bench with pillows gives you a place to relax with a book, or grab a quick nap. Add a cashmere throw, a small-scale table (small!!) and a reading lamp, and you have just created a quaint and inviting little nook for yourself! Click on this Sherrill Chair for awesome seating options!

sherrill chair

Beautiful bedding

Should I have started with the bedding? Maybe. But all of these elements really come together to create the perfect bedroom oasis.  Beautiful fabrics, soft pillows and 100% cotton sheets with a high thread count – it counts! You’ll want to dive into your bed each night and you’ll wake up refreshed from 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Yes, that can happen!

eastern accents bedding


Two words: dimmer switch! Creating the perfect mood lighting in your newly designed, clutter free, pillowy soft new bedroom is key, and will really bring the whole look together. I like to have several light sources so I start with the two bedside lamps and make sure they have three-way switches so you have a choice for softer light. If possible, two or four can lights in the ceiling and a chandelier in the center – all complete with …yes, you said it, a dimmer switch!

bedroom chandelier bedroom table lamp 3

Window Treatments

Window treatments add so much to your retreat — color, texture, and a bit of drama! I like the look of drapes in the bedroom because of how they frame the window and soften the hard lines. This look also gives you privacy and let’s you escape from the outside world for a little while. There are so many options for soothing drapery designs with simple hardware choices. Remember, the drapes don’t have to match the bedding exactly, just work with the same color hues.

Good luck and…Namaste.’

bedroom drapes


What’s Gold, is New Again!

Yes, it’s true.

Gold is coming back.

From jewelry to home fashions, the 1960’s inspired hue once scorned by designers everywhere, is experiencing a resurgence of sorts. I’m not suggesting you put the brass back in your master baths, but I am excited and encouraged by what I’m seeing in the world of home accessories. So, go ahead, explore that long lost golden gradient. Embrace what’s trending and take a look at these stunning gold pieces that will add a little spice to your home!

When I first noticed the comeback, I was standing in a Lighting store. The contemporary chandeliers with crystal accents and the rustic glass, mini-pendants – all in gold! This is the perfect way to pull just a little bit of color and variety into your décor! Think of it as the ‘jewelry’ for your room. What would you pair up with that little black dress? Something bold, something bright…I suggest you try something gold! Look at this amazing fixture from Galleria Lighting

gold chandelier

Talk about comebacks! I call wallpaper the ‘little design that could’. Nothing has fought harder to stay in the mainstream and carve a niche for itself as effectively as this beautiful covering. The textures, the fabrics, the patterns…this is not your mother’s wallpaper! Check out Kravet Fabrics textured gold creations. They will truly add beauty and dimension to any room!

Right now, I’m thinking that gold paired with just about anything is fabulous! Neutral tones embrace the subtle sparkle of a golden accent, and darker rooms allow gold to just POP! Try this side table from Caracole Furniture called “Gold is Up.”

gold table

And what to my wondering eyes should appear? Tablescapes! In gold! These semi-translucent glass plates with metallic hues will transform your dining table into a sleek and sophisticated oasis for you and your friends. Of course, you still have to cook the food!

solaris-dinnerware-sets-of-4-066879866 Z Gallerie

And finally, have you considered yet…the possibility… of gold tones for fabrics? What about pillows, and throws and drapes…oh my! The possibilities are endless and oh, so exciting! Give these Kravet Fabrics a whirl and let’s all GO FOR THE GOLD!


kravet fabrics for blog

Stones of Distinction


When selecting the perfect stone for your kitchen or bath, it’s important to consider quality, color, function and of course, price. Today’s options for stone may seem infinite, but choosing the right one can not only transform and enhance your space, it can also add value to your home. With a few helpful tips, you’ll be ready to take the leap into the glorious world of stone!


man-made quartz2

Man Made Quartz (Cambria, Hans Stone, Silestone)

Pros: This is a non-porous, maintenance free, stain and mildew resistant stone.  The color choices are predictable because it is man-made, so what you see in a small sample is what you’ll get!

Cons: Without the natural variegation of granite, quartz can often have an ‘engineered’ appearance. This is a pricey stone. Expect to pay $40-$100 per square foot installed.





Pros:  It is a beautiful and timeless stone that adds depth and character to any room. It stands up well to heat (and is a great surface for pastry making because it stays cool!)

Cons: It can stain easily even with sealing. Marble can also scratch and chip, and is a bit costly at $40-$100 per square foot installed.





Pros: There is a natural softness and depth to this stone. Soapstone is generally light gray when installed, but darkens over time and use.

Cons: This is a high maintenance stone, and must be oiled to keep from cracking. Knives can scratch this surface easily and, because it is a rough surface, it can also leave marks on your glassware and china. Definitely one of the higher priced stones at $70-100 per square foot installed.



granite 2


Pros: The beautiful colors and patterns in granite make each piece one-of-a-kind. This is a durable stone that stands up well to heat and knife nicks.

Cons: It is porous, so be sure to seal your granite to avoid stains and to maintain its luster. The cost ranges from $30-$100 per square foot installed.





Pros:  A solid surface, non-porous stone, Corian is almost maintenance free with no sealing required. A wide variety of colors and patterns are available to choose from, and can be made with a seamless installation.

Cons:  No sealing is needed, however, it can scratch and is susceptible to burns (which can be sanded out.) It can sometimes look artificial, but costs as much as genuine stone at $35-$100 per square foot.

Discover the stone that works best for you by acquiring various styles and color samples. Look for stones that will accent your cabinetry, and be sure to pay attention to the lighting in the room. No stone is perfect, but all will provide you with many years of enjoyment!