Mastering the Master Bedroom

When designing a master bedroom for my clients, I try to create a peaceful retreat. The bedroom should be a place to unwind from the hectic day and be surrounded by all the things you love.  A cozy and beautiful sanctuary is within your reach. Here are some of my foolproof suggestions for the bedroom of your dreams.

Paint color

Choose soothing shades that will help to create a calming effect in the room. Monochromatic schemes work best, especially when you carry a lighter color up to the ceiling! Stay away from bold, bright hues in the bedroom, and consider textured wallpaper for a departure from the usual. I even like the idea of…are you sitting down…wall papering the ceiling! Trust me…it’s a look that can work!

Soothing Color Palete


The scale of the furniture you choose for the bedroom should fit the size of the room. Small furniture in a large room looks as wrong as large furniture in a small room! Space Planning on a piece of paper with a floor plan to scale can help you determine the size of the furniture you’ll want in your bedroom. Remember to keep it simple! All you need is a bed, 2 nightstands, a bench, and a cozy chair.


No Clutter!

Just like the furniture, it’s really important to keep the accessories to a minimum! One or two large-scale items that look beautiful, but don’t overwhelm the space, will help to give the room a clean and sophisticated look. This translates to ‘calm’ which leads to ‘peace’, which allows you to ‘relax’, then to ‘sleep’…oh, I could go on and on!

A Place to Read

I think it’s so important to have another place to sit in the bedroom (other than the bed). A comfortable chair and ottoman or a small bench with pillows gives you a place to relax with a book, or grab a quick nap. Add a cashmere throw, a small-scale table (small!!) and a reading lamp, and you have just created a quaint and inviting little nook for yourself! Click on this Sherrill Chair for awesome seating options!

sherrill chair

Beautiful bedding

Should I have started with the bedding? Maybe. But all of these elements really come together to create the perfect bedroom oasis.  Beautiful fabrics, soft pillows and 100% cotton sheets with a high thread count – it counts! You’ll want to dive into your bed each night and you’ll wake up refreshed from 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Yes, that can happen!

eastern accents bedding


Two words: dimmer switch! Creating the perfect mood lighting in your newly designed, clutter free, pillowy soft new bedroom is key, and will really bring the whole look together. I like to have several light sources so I start with the two bedside lamps and make sure they have three-way switches so you have a choice for softer light. If possible, two or four can lights in the ceiling and a chandelier in the center – all complete with …yes, you said it, a dimmer switch!

bedroom chandelier bedroom table lamp 3

Window Treatments

Window treatments add so much to your retreat — color, texture, and a bit of drama! I like the look of drapes in the bedroom because of how they frame the window and soften the hard lines. This look also gives you privacy and let’s you escape from the outside world for a little while. There are so many options for soothing drapery designs with simple hardware choices. Remember, the drapes don’t have to match the bedding exactly, just work with the same color hues.

Good luck and…Namaste.’

bedroom drapes